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Art Week in Denmark: November 03-14, 2016

afisha danish 2 miniRussian Embassy in Copenhagen, Representation of the FA "Rossotrudnichestvo" in Denmark, the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (Copenhagen), European Art Union and Charity Foundation "Art of the Future" (Moscow) are invited to visit the art exhibition of contemporary art "Art Week in Denmark / Art Week in Denmark".

THEME: "Visualization" (dedicated to the Day of Unity)

Exhibition Dates: 03-14 November 2016
Registration: before October 27, 2016
Location: The exhibition will be held in the Exhibition Hall of the Center for Science and Culture (Vester Voldgade 11, 1552 Kobenhavn V).

The project includes:
a) exhibition;
b) competition
b) workshops for members of the Danish artists
d) tours to places of interest Copenhagen (palaces, museums, exhibition halls)

Competition program Art Week in Denmark includes:

1) portrait contest
2) painting contest
3) graphic contest
4) artistic textile contest
5) contest of arts and crafts

Nominations are listed in the section "Nominations Week of Art in Denmark"
Timeframe of materials placed in the section "Registration Period"

We invite residents and visitors to Copenhagen to visit the art exhibition of contemporary artists and craftsmen.


  • На выставке (том 1)
  • На выставке (том 2)

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